Hello, my name is Joe.

On this page you can learn a little about me.

Coder - Musician - Yogi - Gardener

Development Projects:

Currently, changing from React to React Native. Moving this to Android and iOS App Stores.

Image links to app example.

Gong_App 1.0

Gong_App 2.0

Gong_App 3.0

Fun with APIs:

Wikipedia Logo

I love playing music!

Live on KUTX w/ Indrajit Banerjee-Austin,TX

Playing the blues.

CBGBs 2001

Meditaion and Yoga

Currently I am teaching at: Studio Satya

Eka Pada Rajakapotasana



"All hobbits have a love for things that grow!"

10 years old.

Yin-Yang Birdbath.

20 years old!